iPhone PC Suite 1.0.7 剛剛推出!

iPhone 迷必備軟件, iPhone PC Suite 1.0.7 版剛剛在今晚推出了!!
從檔案的修改日期, 可以看出是今晚剛剛推出的!

Update: iPhone PC Suite 已經推出了 Bug Fix 版. 以下的 URL 是最新 verison 的 iPhone PC Suite

已經測試了 iPhone 1.1.4 版和 iPhone PC Suite 1.0.7 可以配合使用!
我的 iPhone 是用 Ziphone 破解的.

iPhone PC Suite 1.0.7 Main Screen

iPhone PC Suite 是現時最傑出的 iPhone Software. 去到 1.0.7 版, 不但功能齊全, 而且介面好用又美觀了很多呢 ~
論它最重要的功能, 當然是能夠直接把檔案上載至 iPhone! 例如 把 Ringtone 真接上載至 iPhone


iPhone PC Suite 最新 Version

今版加入了 “Check Update” 的功能呢 ~~~ 以後更新就方便了 ~

UPDATE: 剛剛查證, iPhone PC Suite 更新了…. 作者把 iPhone PC Suite 重新包裝, 現在改名成 “手机助手”…
其實是幾個手機軟件合成的套裝. 安裝後, 你可以在 “C:\Program Files\NetDragon” 裏找到 iPhone PC Suite 的目錄.
iPhone PC Suite 1.0.7 Update Check

買機後首次使用 iPhone PC Suite 的用家, 可能會遇到這個畫面:
iPhone PC Suite 1.0.7 Bug Fix
大家不用緊張, 只要根據指示, update 你的 iPhone, 幾個簡單步驟就能順利完成 update.


Ziphone 破解后不能使用PC Suite的解决方法

我手上的 version 的修改日期是 2008年5月9日 7:40 PM …. 即本文刊登之前的 5 小時.
iPhone PC Suite 1.0.7 Version

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May 10

12 Responses to “iPhone PC Suite 1.0.7”

  1. Robin Says:

    The software cannot be opened under Windows XP Professional X64 Edition

  2. Ilker Says:

    re Robin

    Also not work under Windows Vista x64 edition. I think something wrong with x64 OSs.

    I have installed latest .Net Framework version but still not workink.

    Please help us!…

  3. vvvvv Says:


  4. cz Says:

    help! after reformated my comp i keep gettin a ‘failed to initialise’ error

  5. mc328 Says:

    well…. that is because you need .NET 2.0 !! Install .NET framework 2.0 then try again !

  6. Juan Daniel Says:

    jst testing nbut seems to be nice

  7. LO Says:


  8. goodt Says:

    Help I got it installed but cannot read anything? How do I get the english language files:

    iPhone PC Suite\LangPack has:
    en-US.lang but it is from a previous version

    It auto-upgraded me to v.

    However, I can’t read anything in the dialog boxes and there is no way to translate as the language codes do not show the characters.

  9. norb Says:

    is there an English version of this?

    and dos this work with the new version 2.1 ?

    thank you

  10. vikram singh yadav Says:

    thank you

  11. yod725 Says:

    the software is good but I would like the English version of it.

  12. HJI Says:


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