Apple 早前宣佈,買 iPhone 3G 的朋友必需在店內 activate 才能拿走 iPhone 3G.

可是,今日首賣,iTune server 當機!!!  排頭位的朋友在店內等了 20 分鐘都未能 activate 部 iPhone 3G 16GB.

結果 Apple Store 職員 “放人” , 讓他回家慢慢自己 activate……..

可是,這為排頭位的 “幸運兒” 回到家之後,無論試多少次,得到的答案都是: “iPhone Activations Are UNAVAILABLE At This Time”

真的是 “買塊磚頭回家”!!

以下是該名 “幸運兒” 講述自己今日的經歷 :

OK… so I was the first in line at the ATT store… they unboxed my 16g white iPhone… went through the steps and it was taking forever to “unbrick” (activate) my phone. After about 20 mins the manager came over and said he just received email about “technical problems” and it said to send customers home with iPhone 3G to activate! … Well.. im home…. trying to activate… and it is having the same problems! Stuck on “ACCESSING iTUNES STORE”…. GREAT! Now I’m stuck without a phone for God knows how long!

UPDATE: 9:32AM Just got an error (-4)…. retried… now it says: “iPhone Activations Are UNAVAILABLE At This Time”!!!!!! This is horrible…. Way to go APPLE!

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Jul 12
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